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Recreational: Enrolled in a dance program that is not geared towards Competition, or Competitive training.

Novice: First year of competition, or first time solo/duo

Level 1: Level one dancers have trained 2 years or less but no more than 4 years.

Level 2: Level two dancers have trained 4.1-6 years.

Level 3: Level 3 dancers have trained 6.1-9 years.

Level 4: Level 4 dancers have trained 9+ years

Student Choreography: 14-18 years of age competing in any dance form that was choreographed by the student without any assistance from studio faculty or freelance choreographers. Students entered in this class will be at the discretion of the studio director. No independent entries allowed. This category is not eligible for overall awards.

Adult: A dancer over 19 years of age, and defined as a recreational/amateur dancer. Groups must be 75% adult. This category is not eligible for the overall awards.

Pro-Am: For numbers whose dancers earn 50% or more of their annual income from performing or teaching dance. This category is not eligible for the overall awards.

For duets/trio/groups it is the average of the group in training years that determines division. 

 * If 50% or more of all dancers in any group or duo/trio are "Novice" level dancers, then the entry is to be performed in the "Novice" category*


  Acro: An acro movement is defined as any movement where the hips pass over the shoulders

            in a non- stationary motion. For example, aerials, walkovers, flips, somersaults, illusions, etc..

            Only 3 acro movements are  permitted in jazz or lyrical routines. If more than 3, please enter

             those entries in the “acro” category.

   Jazz: Consists primarily of jazz technique.

   Tap: Must consist primarily of tap technique.

   Ballet: Classical ballet steps & movement.

   Character Ballet: Ballet steps & movement portraying a character in either pointe

                                 or demi-pointe technique.

   Pointe: Pointe toe technique in pointe shoes.

   Modern: Should demonstrate balance, extension, isolation & control, using modern styles.

   Lyrical: A combination of jazz and ballet. A routine which interprets the lyrics or musicality of a song.

               Usually set to ballad style music. Shows "clean, classic body lines and solid "traditional technique.               

   Contemporary: Strong ballet fundamentals with modern techniques utilizing strength,

                             flexibility, alignment, breath, contraction, suspension, tension and

                            relaxation while emphasizing artistic expression and unique  choreography.

   Musical Theatre: Must consist of one of the above dance forms and may

                                contain lip synching - may portray a character.

   Song & Dance: 50% song, 50% dance, no pre-recorded vocals during the song section.

   Acro: Must consist of acro tricks & gymnastic technique

              with dance moves, steps & choreography.

   Ethnic: Routine using ethnic style of dance, such as Highland, Celtic, Irish Jig, etc.

   Hip Hop: A routine choreographed to urban music using

                   free-style, hip-hop, funk or music video style dance.

   Open: Routine does not fit into any of the above forms.










3 Minutes


2 or 3

3 Minutes

Small Group


4 minutes

Large Group


4 Minutes


16 or more

5 Minutes


Minimum 20

5-12 Minutes


Time limits will be strictly enforced at the judges' discretion, and a 1 mark deduction will be applied for

every 15 seconds over time.



The festival has the right to combine ages if there are insufficient number of entries.

 Ages:  Individual ages in all categories. For Duet/Trios, Groups and Lines, average the ages and drop the

decimal. Age is as of Event date For Example:
12.51 goes to 12 year old category.



North Star:

90 and over


85 - 89


80 - 84


75 - 79


After the completion of each category the judge will present their adjudication. Each dancer will receive

an award according to their marks. Each SOLO category will receive the following placements and awards:

{            1Exceptional Star - $20.00 cash award

{            2. Brilliant Star - $15.00 cash award

             3.    Judges Star - $10.00 cash award

For duo/trio/group entries there will be the following placements:

1.    1st place

2.    2nd place

3.    3rd place

4.    Choreography award


We also award numerous special awards at the completion of the Festival.

The highest adjudication from your studio in Group/Duet-Trio/Solos ages 12 under and 13 + per level will compete for the top prize

in each level in the “NORTH STAR DANCE-OFF FINAL" at the end of the competition. (Please note there needs to be at least 2 or more entires in a level in order to compete)

Keep an eye on the display boards for placing’s throughout the festival. In the event of a tie within the catagory the teacher must decide on which entry competes.

In the event there are too many studio’s that have entered Northern Dance-Off reserves the right to have only the highest

overall adjudication from each studio compete in the Dance-Off. 

 *Please note: studios must have at least 3 entries in the competition in order to qualify for the dance off and recreational entries do not qualify to compete in the "North Star Dance-Off Final".*






1. Music: Teachers will play their own music and are welcome to plug into portable devices to play.

2. Judge's Critiques: One qualified, professional judge will critique the dancers and adjudication sheets will be available to teachers throughout the day. The decision of the judges is FINAL.

NO ONE WILL BE PERMITTED TO TALK TO THE ADJUDICATORS, TIMERS OR WRITERS DURING THE FESTIVAL. Anyone infringing on this rule will be subject to disqualification of their child / studio.

3. Entry Package: All fees are due December 15, 2017 with your entry forms and summary sheet. Cheque or money order or email transfer is accepted for all entries (one cheque only please). Including an e-mail address with your entries will speed up the arrival of your schedule. Make your cheque payable to “Northern Dance Off”. Fees are non-refundable. Please substitute dancers if there is an injury.  

4. Photography: All still or digital photography and/or video taping of any entry is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. NO EXCEPTIONS - Routines risk being disqualified! There may be an independent company providing pictures/videos for purchase. Details at a later date.

5. Please have dancers ready to dance 30 minutes before scheduled time. Dancers must sign in three (3) numbers prior to scheduled performance.

6. The placement of props and sets must be completed in 2 minutes or less. This rule will be STRICTLY ENFORCED.

7. The festival reserves the right to refuse an entry and to add or drop a day dependent on the amount of entries received. NO REFUNDS will be given should a studio decide to withdrawal because of the added/deleted day.

8. Each individual participant must be 6 years old to enter this festival as of March 17, 2018.

9. There is no competing against one’s self (same age, same category).

10. Rehearsal on the stage area is not permitted during the festival, this will result in disqualification. The committee reserves the right to disqualify anyone infringing on the rules.

11. NORTHERN DANCE-OFF will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles.

12. Absolutely NO PROMPTING OF ANY KIND by any persons backstage or in the audience. This will result in the dancers and teacher’s disqualification.

13. Good sportsmanship and proper conduct is mandatory. Any offenders will be removed from the auditorium.

14. Re-dances will be allowed only if the routine is less than half finished. There are no outstanding awards given for re-dances. In case of technical difficulties, re-dances are allowed.

15. Parents are not permitted backstage.

16. Props are allowed in all categories – no dancers, fire or live animals may be used as props.

17. The Festival reserves the right to run up to one half hour ahead of schedule. Please be sure all routines are properly prepared and ready in plenty of time. There will be no re-dances or refunds allowed for not being backstage for your number.

18. Admission: There will be a charge for spectators at the event. There will be no charge for children 3yrs and under or dancers/teachers who are participating, provided they have their wrist band. Multi-day discounts will also be available. 


The following are the entry fees for “Northern Dance-Off” Competition/Festival for 2018

 March 17/8, 2018 Festival at Keyano Theatre, Fort McMurray Alberta Canada

Solo: $50/dancer 

Duet/Trio: $37.00/dancer

Group/Line/Production: $30.00/dancer


Please fill out the registration forms and submit with payment to:


Northern Dance-Off

401-8600 Franklin Ave

Fort McMurray, AB

T9H 4G8


Deadline December.15 2017